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SP Recycle Industry was established in 1990. In early state, we are dealing in all kind of scrap materials, and has expanded from recycle business to used equipments business since 1996.

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What are our products and services?

Here at SP Recycle Industry, we specialize in manufacturing and selling new items such as air coolers, stainless steel equipment, office equipment, and even storage racking systems. Besides selling new items, we specialize in selling second-hand items such as kitchen equipment and furniture that are low in cost and high in quality. Here in SP Recycle Industry, we also provide renting services for any interested clients, we rent many items like food stalls, kitchen equipment and even food kiosks for functions.

What are second hand items?

Second hand items, otherwise known as used items, are generally items that are a piece of personal property that has been purchased by or otherwise transferred to a second or another end user. A second hand item can also simply mean that it is no longer in the same condition as it was when transferred to the current owner. Second hand items can range from old clothes to furniture to books to even vehicles.

What are the advantages of buying second hand items?

There are a number of advantages that come with buying second hand items, for instance second hand items are generally assembled when you purchase it so you do not have to spend time installing and assembling the second hand furniture. You can also buy second-hand goods for a lower price and still be amazed by the high quality of the item. Furthermore, when you purchase second-hand goods, you give them a new life by using second-hand items and you wouldn’t have the worries of ‘first scratch’ for a bought item.

What are the factors to consider when looking for second-hand furniture?

Here are some things you would need to remember when you are looking for second-hand furniture, such as inspecting the furniture. When it comes to shopping for second-hand furniture, it is rather important to closely consider the material your potential piece is made of. For instance, it is always a good idea to go for hardwood ones since these are extremely durable and can virtually last forever as long as they’re properly taken care of. This is especially applicable for closets, dressers and tables. Next, you should try out the furniture before purchasing. Once you have found a piece of furniture that you like, it is time to determine if it is free of any wear-and-tear and good quality. You should test the furniture to see if it’s comfortable.

What are the benefits of renting kitchen equipment?

One of the main benefits that comes with renting kitchen equipment from a supplier is that renting is an economic and affordable option as compared to buying new kitchen equipment. Renting enables you temporary access to catering equipment you’ll need if you can’t afford them right now when starting a new food business. Another advantage of renting kitchen equipment is that there is a wider choice in selecting kitchen and catering equipment. When you buy your own equipment, you often have to make do with what you have. However, when you rent kitchen equipment from a supplier, you would have access to a wider range of choices particularly when it comes to tableware. You can even rent equipment that are specific to your event’s requirements.

What are the benefits of installing an air cooler?

There are several benefits that come with investing in an air cooler, such as they are suitable for rental uses. Air coolers can be installed in a way that does not alter the living space. They can also be easily moved to a new location whenever you decide to move. Next, air coolers are cost efficient and save energy. Air coolers are less expensive compared to air conditioners and most people can afford them for their cooling needs. Air coolers require less maintenance and repair costs in comparison as well.